Monday, 10 April 2017

Coptic Christians of Egypt trapped in political conflicts. Historical Reasons and Solutions.

Palm Sunday – April 9th Two terrorists attach in churches in the Delta(Tanta) and Alexandria, and the death of 44 mostly Christians and over a hundred injured.  
This is not the first one and I don't think it will be the last under the existing regime.
In this post, I will explain the reasons as I see behind these and similar attacks in history timeline
1-   The roots of this problem go back to Mubarak period, when he, his corrupted media and government spread fear from the Muslim brotherhood and other Islamic organization among the Church and Christian community (more than 10% of Egypt's population). his reason was to create a lobby to support him, his successor (Jamal – his son) and his government in any election against the strong opposition led by the Muslim Brotherhood. He launched a campaign to associate the Muslim Brotherhood with violence to destroy their reputation locally and internationally by creating fake tides between them and other well-known terrorists organizations such as El Qaeda.
2-   After 2011 revolution, and during the transition period ruled by the Army Council. Many incidents where churches and Monasteries being attacked believed to be the work of the secret policy and the army intelligent to create a Christian bias against the revolution and the Muslim Brotherhood as the most effective party in Egypt's revolution. The army council hope was, the fear of the Christians will shift their votes to the army council presidential candidate against the other candidates including the Muslim Brotherhood one.
3-   After president Morsi won the election as the 1st president in Egypt's modern history came to power in a real democratic process. Churches being attacked again and black media aligned with the army blaming the Islamic government to make sure the Christians are still in their support.   
4-   As a result of the previous strategies, when the military coup happens, the head of the Egyptian Coptic church (Patriarch) officially supported the coup against the elected president and some churches encouraged their communities and offered logistics and free rides in buses to the protest sites in support of the military coup.
Note: The head of El Azhar Islamic foundation also officially supported the military coup, but you need to know this foundation is confiscated by the Egyptian government from presented Nasser time in 1960th and this position is appointed by the government and choose the leader of the foundation to serve the government political interests, while the head of the Coptic church is elected by the Coptic Churches.
5-   Following the military coup, a massacres happened during the disparce of protests sites at Aug 14 – 2013 in Cairo and other cities in Egypt, mass killing and arrest for peaceful protesters, against the military coup. Leaving 670 death and 4400 injuries in only one protest site in Cairo, which described by Human Rights Watch organization as a crime against humanity. With a complete silence from the Judging System and the corrupted media.
6-   After dismantling the Muslim brotherhood party and killing or arresting all their leaders, leaving their young members without leadership, full of anger and hate from what they lost and experience. This situation made it easy for terrorists organizations such as ISIS to attract new members to believe in their radical views and use them to operate attacks against all the parities involved in the massacres and the support of the military coup, among them:
Army – Police – Judges – Media – Churches – Leader of the El Azhar Islamic foundation.
From July 2013 till Oct 2015 alone over 900 attacks

7-   The Egyptian church kept supporting the existing government and encourage gathering in support of Sisi during oversees meetings and visits especially in USA through the Coptic individuals and Churches live and active in the US.
8-   As a result, for all the above factors, oppositions in Egypt blamed the Coptic Christians and the church for their support for the existing government and the terrorists organization among the oppositions did not hesitated to launch attach against Coptic Churches.

The Egyptian Coptic church through Egypt's modern history always referred to themselves as they want to keep the Coptic Church away from politics. Unfortunately, what they did since 2013 when they officially supported the military coup, was contradicting with their policies and put them in this wrong position and became a target for terrorist's organization.

In the short term. The Egyptian Coptic church should make an official statement acknowledging their mistake when they involved in Politics and supported the military coup, and promising the Coptic Christian community and the Egyptian population they will stay away from politics and be natural from now on. Myself I dought that might happen.

In the long term.
1-   New government outside the army, come as a people choice in free election understand the challenges Egypt's has and come with new idea out of the box and a new strategy encouraging the freedom of speech, equality, social justice as tools to put an end for Egypt's problem in the long term.
2-   Arab middle Easter countries cooperation, politically and military to put an end for the war going in the Middle East and putting and end for ISIS. Which I dought that might happen before having new government in the middle east replacing the existing corrupted government.
How the last thing might happen, its complicated and worth another blog post.

Finally, I do believe in the Christian in Egypt are victims not only of the terrorist's organizations but also a victim of a government and church leaders get them involved in politics.

Feel free to comment and edit to help me improving my views and my English language. 

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