Thursday, 10 November 2016

Why Egyptians planning to protest in Nov 11- 2016? ....................................... What make it different from Jan 2015 revolution?

The main idea of this post is to explain the reasons behind Egyptians planning for another protest on November 11, 2016 and the differences between November 2016 and the revolution of January 2011.

Since the Military Coup led by the army general Sisi in June 2013, and Egypt going from bad to worse:
Elected president (Moursy): Arrested and thrown in jail, facing silly and unjust trials since then.
Freedom of speech: Anybody who protested or spoke against the government was arrested, disappeared, thrown in jail, killed in the streets, or if they were lucky they managed to operate under the government radar.
Democracy: Faked unreal elections at all levels. Presidential elections with no real candidate except one to run against general Sisi (Sabahi),who refused in the beginning to participate, shortly after his daughter was arrested to put pressure on him, and released shortly after. No voters showed on that day, even with all media begging them and Judges threatening voter with big penalties if they didn’t vote.
Election result was 97% in favor of Sisi. There are dummy parliament members, their duty is to approve any new rules and regulations made by the government. 

Media: All newspapers and channels not biased towards the government, have been shut down or confiscated, and any reporter or journalist who spoke against the president or his policies was fired or kicked out of the country.
Economy: Egyptian poun value compared to US$ and other foreign currencies lost almost 50% of its value in less than 2 years. No foreign currencies are available to buy essential and imported products, such as food and medicine, this has caused the highest inflation rate in Egyptian history and it has become almost impossible for the majority of the Egyptian people to support their basic life needs. It’s even getting worst, especially after recent decisions to increase the fuel prices, taxes, electricity and water bills.
Administration system: The only qualification needed to be a Prime Minister, Minister or even High Official, is to be loyal to Sisi and his gang of generals. Any other qualifications are not needed at all. Guess what will be the results...Corrupted, idiot,unqualified leaders, leading Egypt into a dark tunnel.
Judicial system: The most corrupt in Egyptian modern history. They appointed the most corrupt judges to take care of the most sensitive cases. Those judges never hesitated to punish political activists including the previous president with death as penalty, even if they were over 500 accused of killing a police officer by accident. This really happened.
Hate and racism: The current regime created hatred between people of different back grounds, Muslims against Christians, Army and Police against individuals, secular against religious, anti-coup against military coup supporters, etc, adopting a divide to conquer strategy.

Comparison between Jan 2011 revolution and Nov 2016 protest or any other protest that might happen in the future.

Jan – 2011
Nov – 2016
Main goal
Getting rid of corrup government, which escalated to the demand for the removal of President (Mubarak)
The removal of the president Sisi and his gang.
Army situation
Was acting as if they are neutral.
Army is biased towards the president, with a few generals against him but they have no power.
Loyal to the president
Loyal to the president
No public leaders to help the protesters to be more organized and have a general vision, except the Muslim Brotherhood foundation.
Between 2011 and 2013 freedom of speech paved the way for public leaders to introduce themselves and these leaders are now ready to lead the people in the street and unite them around one goal and steer them to the right path.
Hardly any violence from the protesters side.
Possible violence against police, army, media figures and corrupted judges as  self-defense and revenge. Hope it will  minimal.
Most of the media were in support of Mubarak, few were neutral or in support of the revolution.
Almost all the media available through satellite channels in Egypt are biased in favor of the president Sisi and his government, but most of the people have figured out their lies already.
Protest Plan
Gathering in main squares.
Protesting in the side streets and avoiding main squares to protect themselves from police and army forces, until protesters crush the police/army resistance.

Conclusion: There’s more potentials in the Nov 11 – 2016 protest to make a better change in Egypt’s political system, if the protesters numbers in the streets are big enough, peaceful and innovative, and if on the other hand, police and army officers and soldiers refuse to obey their commanders, only when that happens can Nov 11 bring a definite and lasting positive change to Egypt’s future. For most of the Egyptians, the evil bias of the police, army, judges, media, and high officials has become very obvious and it would be so difficult for them to manipulate Egyptians again.

What might happen if the protest is crushed by police and army: Egypt’s government losing more of its international credibility, foreign investments decreasing or completely disappear, decreases in tourism, local business men will move their investments outside the country, more dept, less foreign currency available and all the previous will lead to more economic crisis and more anger among the public, and subsequently waves of protests until hopefully the people get rid of this ugly regime, and hopefully the next transition period will be led by Egyptian National leaders, honest and hard workers who can lead and inspire the process of restoring our beautiful country, establishing a better life for all Egyptians and for Egypt as a country gaining the international recognition it deserves.

Read my blog post in Aug 2013 shortly after the military coup, predicting what is happening in Egypt now:



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