Sunday, 1 May 2016

Friday – April 29 – Egypt's protest - Eye witness testimonial.

Few days ago, in April 25, Sinai liberation day many anti coup and anti government decided to protest in Egypt’s squares and streets after Egypt’s government decided to handle the Islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, which many considered a possible spark for a second Egyptian revolution. For more info about what happen in this day read the following post:

I went out in April 25th and all hope that what happen in 2011 might happen again but in a better way. In 2011 the protest started in Jan 25 and being dismissed by using extreme force, but few days after in Fridays 28 was the big day when the protesters took over Tahrir square and many squares in Egypt till Mubarak step down in Feb 11.

Myself I prepared myself in a different way this time.
1-       I left my smart phone behind, so police does not know my bias if they checked my phone as they do now when they force people to show their social media and mail accounts.
2-      I left the Camera behind and used and old phone with a basic camera.
3-      Not carrying anything might make police suspicions in me.
4-      Planned not to go to downtown Cairo as I used to do, since police and army forces are camping already in the main squares waiting for protesters to show to arrest them and closing roads and subway stations to make it difficult for protesters to make it to any square. 

It was difficult to get info online about gathering locations, since the government did their best in the last few years to develop a security system can infiltrate not only to private social media groups and pages but also sensor phone communications and send troops there to occupy any place where a possible gathering might happen.
I went to areas in Giza and Cairo using the subway system where normally small group will gather in a day like that and hoped I will find others, but unfortunately find nothing except police everywhere and others like me looking arounds and hope like I hope.

I went back home this day, disappointed but with intentions to analyze what happen in this day, and here’s the result.

Reasons prevented from a protest happen in Friday – April 29
1-       The police developed a good skills of monitoring social media and phone communications.
2-      Media control, to band any news to cover any protests.
3-      Big number of police and army troops occupying the possible protest locations.
4-      In April 25th, the police arrested a hundreds, among them the leaders who call for protest.
5-       Tens of thousands of other activists arrested since the military coup happen in 2013 and still in jail tell now.

How we can overcome these challenges in the future
1-       Creating a new tool to help anti-government activist to communicate without being censored by the government.
2-      Calling for a fake protests using a fake social media accounts to confuse and exhaust the police forces.
3-      Speaking with close friends, family members and my guest about the consequences of Egypt’s to be run with this regime.
4-      Spreading the news about the government setbacks to create a public awareness against the government especially in the matter of freedom of speech.
5-       Get ready and wait for another spark.

In the near future, I will more tools to secure my accounts, data and clouds, since I’m not quite sure I can still be lucky especially if my words spread more. 

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