Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What happen in April 25 – 2016 in Egypt – Eye Witness?

The Reasons: Corrupted president and government came to power with a military coup, not legitimate, has no tolerance for a freedom of speech and caused for more than 40000 Egyptians to disappear in the last 2 years with thousands of peaceful protectors killed and no body found guilty.
The Spark: handling 2 Egyptian Islands in the Red Sea (selling) to Saudi Arabia as a price to fix a collapsed economy. Read my previous post for more info.

Cairo Streets - Downtown.
Huge number of police, almost half of them dressed regular cloths. Streets leading to the famous squares including Tahrir Square being blocked by police including the sub way station to stop protectors from reaching down town.
Exceptions being made for supporters of Sesi regime, to gather in some squares under the protection of the police. Humble numbers, very humble people, paid or influenced to support the regime and Sesi  (their photos attached).  I felt sorry for them, the corrupted regime stole their wealth, brain washed them, taught them nothing except ignorance, killed their dreams, sold their land and now paying them to sell their soul and body as a prostitute doing to make living.
News about a protectors in the same corner in Talat Harb St when I joined the protests for the protest for the 1st time in Jan 26 – 2011. Smell of tear gas irritates my eyes when I walk close to this point. The interesting thing is I felt so happy the more I smiled the tear gas, since this reminds me with the good old days when we stood against Mubarak and his regime. Seems to be I get addicted to the smell J
Get disappointed when I made it to the spot, police everywhere, seems to me I was late. The big surprise was, the protesters against the corrupted regime has been replaced by supporter for Sesi.
Spend about 5 hours in the streets and decided to go back home since the only gathering (few) are for those who support Sesi  as if they are happy for him selling the Islands.
Following the news when I made it back home, there’s many protest against the government happen but not in downtown, in many other squares in Cairo, and other Egyptian cites.
Next time, I should be more smart and not to go to the places where police except protesters.

Planning to join the protest this Friday. I know its danger, but I can’t tolerate growing up in my country and only complaining about how bad the government is, without being positive and protest to change the situation and help Egypt’s get to positions it deserves.
My main influence, a  the word of my great teacher and philosopher. Those who struggle to improve their and the other people life and stand in support of the freedom of speech, should have no worries if they died in the process, because they will enjoy peace in the heaven.

Don’t worry, I always do my best to protect myself and stay alive, but this should not stop me from doing the right thing. If I sold my dream for safety and security, nothing will get better in this world.

More photos in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/RealEgyptSamir/posts/1080354768691382?pnref=story

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