Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Tiran and Sanafir Islands dispute

Dear Saudi friend.  
I hope all Arab get united as they used to be and not fight on the ownership of 2 Islands. In this case we have no reason to fight for, because at the end it’s all our lands.
Let me 1st explains why I think this way. History proofs, Arab – Middle East countries were strong and significant only when they were united. Then our lands has been divided into territories by foreign power, with perfect straight lines does not make any sense. These perfect straight lines separated between people of the same trips and even the same families, such as Nubians in Egypt and Sudan, Bedouin families in Egypt’s western Desert and Libya, families in Sinai and Palatines.
Following that we had dictators ruling our countries. Their main focus is to keep their positions, have more power and more rich. They stole people freedom of speech and declared the countries resources as their inheritance to keep among their families and tribes and give their people the left over and make sure nobody will speak against that. They corrupted educations, because its easier for them to control an ignorant mind does not know how to dream. They corrupted media to spread their false ideas. They corrupted politics to stay in power. The worst is, they corrupted religion, so it can serve their greed for power and money.
 What matter me, is not the islands but the relationship between each other.

Now, let me explains why there’s a great anger in Egypt because of the Islands situation:
-          HISTORY. From a historical point of view most of the educated Egyptians believe in the Egyptians historical rights in the Islands. download the PDF withdetails historical info 

-          Egyptian solders fought many battles to defend these islands. In 1965 against the British, French and Israeli invasions. In 1967 and in 1973 to liberate Sinai and these Islands. The strong argument rose by most of the Egyptians, what was the rule of the Saudi government, army and solders to keep their land if they believed in it’s a Saudi land, why they did not stand to defend and liberate them. A friend of mine yesterday told me, if the Saudi government can bring back my father and uncle back to life who sacrificed their life to defend and liberate these Islands from Israel, the Saudi can take it back.

-          The Saudi King Salman, mentioned in an interview with New York time, the Island were given, as gratitude from the Egyptian president for Saudi economical ids. By the way, till Oil found in Saudi, Saudis expected aids from Egypt, which is not a bad thing since we have to stand to support each other, otherwise, Egypt should ask for their historical rites in Saudi Lands for supporting the Saudis people for centuries.  Read the article in the following link:

-          The decisions of handling the Islands over to Saudi was given by the Egyptian president alone, he did not even consult with the people assembly, when his decision caused a strong argument, he said will discuss it in the people assembly, shortly after that, the Saudi government promised the people assembly with gifts for each member of the parliament, ministers and press, these gifts including money (bribes). Download the PDF with the documents scans proofing that here. 

-          Myself as a travel operator and own a travel company in Egypt, we used to promote and operate tours from Sharm to Tiran and Sanafir Islands for decades.

Handling these Islands creates more problem and widening the gap between Saudis and Egyptian, in a time we need to stay together to fight serious challenges in the Middle East. I’m sorry to say that, I don’t trust in the Middle East leaders that they have the right intentions or the talents to realize what we are facing and how we can come together, otherwise they will not make such mistake in this crucial time.

Highly appreciate and welcome constructive comments.

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