Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Brussle and other similar attacks from a Muslim protective lives in the Middle East. Reasons and solutions.

Brussle attack is against humanity not against western civilization and not justified in Islam.

1-      Dictatorships in Arab/Muslims regimes, tailoring religious teaching and curriculums in schools, mosques and media to serve only their interests, shifting the Muslims attentions away from many of the great qualities in Islam especially those which encourages freedom of speech and democracy, by doing that they created a huge gab in religious  teaching to be filled by extremer’s.
2-      Double standards and neglect  in dealing with Middle Eastern serious political problems by the international community,  the most important among these problems is Palestinian Israeli problem, including building illegal settlements, walls, sieges, attaching civilians, destroying Palestinians infrastructures, confiscating territories, and تصعيب  entering Jerusalem for Muslims.
3-      Terrible economic situation. The Arab/Islamic territories divided between extremely rich countries based on Oil wealth and countries with high level of poverty.
4-      Education. The Arab/Muslim countries contribution to the world knowledge now is almost nothing which reflects the terrible education system, based on memorizations not questioning and researching, and that creates sets of minds can be easily convinced with wrong ideas.
5-      Media in the Muslims/Arab territories, made by government or established by foundations loyal to the government aimed to distract the people attentions from the main problems and get them busy with minor issues. 
6-      Religious intolerance in some of the western countries against Muslims, which creates hate and anger within the Muslims communities living in western societies which encourages radicalizations.
7-      Western allies interfering in Middle East policies with wrong intentions  to create instability serving their political, economic and religious  interests using terms such as war on terror and promoting for democracy, instead they created conflicts, instability and wars considers a perfect media for radical ideas to grow and radical militant to train.
8-      The downfall of the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt, led to army generals came back into power with zero tolerance for democracy and freedom of speech and unfortunately that happen with the support of Oil regimes in the middle east which not surprising me, but what surprised me most, is the support giving by western countries famous for their democratic values and had no problems to support a bloody military coup in Egypt politically and financially, as long as this new regime will serve their interests in the Middle East. For more info about this topic, read my previous blog titiled
USA Parliament debating whether to change or keep their democratic values !!!! Based on Egypt's crises.

9-      The instability in Iraq, the civil war in Syria which creates a terrorists controlled by radicals.
10-   Arms dealers. Hardly any weapons are manufactured in the middle east and it seems that its not a difficult for dictatorships and radicals in the middle east to get what they want, easy and on a good price to use it for fighting each other’s.

1-      International community and united nation free of bias.
2-      The industrial western countries, back off supporting dictatorships in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia and the military coup in Egypt, and gradually these regimes will be replaced by others who can promote for democracy.
3-      Enforcing Israel to respect and apply all the UN rules and decisions regarding the Palestinians Israelis territories.
4-      Encouraging an introducing a true Muslims scholars who can introduce the true Islamic believe which promote for peace, freedom of speech, democracy, equality, coexistence , and bridging the gaps between people of different backgrounds. Other words, use a peaceful ideas to fight against an evil ones, guns never put an end for ideas.
5-      Naming terrorists with their names and not using the word Islam as a religion promoting for violence and intolerance, which makes people who knows about Islam only from these terrorists attacks bios against Muslims in general even if they are their own nabers and creates a needs for supporting wrong political decisions or choosing bios leader creates more problems rather than working on solving it.

Highly appreciate your constructive comments and discussions 

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