Monday, 17 March 2014

(The Square) Documentary and comments.

I have just seen a good documentary about the Egyptian revolution titled The Square, and I feel that I have to comment about this documentary, since I was an eye witness in most of the important events that happened in Egypt in the last 3 years. I like the documentary even though I see some problematic aspects, because we are all human and only God's work is perfect. 

The positive points: 
1- Made by people who are involved in the stages of the revolution. 
2- Focusing on the diversity of the people who made the revolution. 
3- At the end of the movie they showed sympathy toward has been killed during the dispraise of the protest against the military coup.

The negative points: 
1- The documentary wasn't accurate in their narration of Morsi’s one year rule, because of the following points.  
a- They completely neglected the bad language used by the protestors when they gathered around his palace, and the violence and the use of Molotov cocktails to attack the presidential palace, and Morsi’s orders for police and the palace guards not to use violence to disperse the protestors.
b- The documentary neglected any reforms made by Morsi and his government. 
c- The documentary neglected the rule of the biased media (private media owned by business men who have personal interests or ties with the Mubarak regime) in forming public opinion to increase hate against Morsi and his government, based on false news, selected news and rumors. 

2- The documentary support for June 30 movement, even when they know the result will be a military coup, but hoping that the new military council will be more merciful than the previous council.  

Overall, I like the movie as a tool aimed to introduce the different thoughts and stages the revolutions have taken over 3 years, as the producer’s point of view, especially that they did not support violence against others who don’t share their views. 

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