Wednesday, 6 November 2013

USA Parliament debating whether to change or keep their democratic values !!!! Based on Egypt's crises.

Do you think the USA will support its proclaimed values?

Do you think the USA will support the Law or would prefer to protect their own and their allies' benefits?

I remember a wise American president once said: America didn't make human rights, actually human rights made America. 
I do believe in these values as the core of modern American civilization. 
Do you think this can be true now? 

Here are the different influences as I see in the American situation towards Egypt.

1- In the past, the USA government was happy to support a dictatorship and a corrupted regime under Mubarak rule, because he showed excellent corporation in different strategic matters, the most important of them being the security of Israel. 

2- When the January 2011 revolution happened in Egypt, the USA government was out of sync with what was happening in Egypt. They made very negative comments until they decided to support Mubarak, and finally, when he was overthrown, the USA suddenly became a fan of the revolution and encouraged a democratic process in Egypt. 

3- When Egyptians decided to choose their leaders in the first free election in Egypt's history, when the greatest percentage of voters ever participating in an election in the Middle East and Africa, the USA government reaction was to respect these numbers and the results and witnessed how fair it was. 

4- These elections brought the Muslim Brotherhood into power, including an elected president who came from the MB background, almost 1 year ago.

5- This president was working hard to walk away from USA influence and seeking other allies in Europe and Asia, even when he made no official statement that could be understood as dangerous for the USA and the American people. 

6- Corrupt high officials from the previous regime and corrupt media worked so hard to slow, stop and reverse the reforms the new president and his government were willing to achieve. On the other hand, the president wasn't open-minded, skillful and aware enough of how dangerous the situation is, which I consider a big failure on the part of our president and his government.

7- A great number of people, mainly influenced by corrupt media made a move and protested in Egypt's streets for a few hours on June 30th, and that was a good excuse for a reaction.

8- A military general took over, putting an elected president in a jail, dismissing an assembly and a constitution. Egypt gained them in a fair, democratic process and appointed a government and declared a road map. But who chose him and how to do all that? 

9 - USA action was very indecisive after they learnt the lesson of January 2011 and started giving very indecisive terms, waiting to see the outcomes. 

10 - Millions of supporters for democracy and for Egypt's removed elected president protested in Egypt's streets following Jun 2013, which was very upsetting for the military coup leader, so the military decided to get rid of them at any cost. Over 2,000 people were killed in less than a month, a few thousand arrested, news channels closed, opposition to military coup arrested and tortured, and journalists banned. 

11 – The USA reaction was off course to condemn violence against the protestors who were supporting a democratic system. But on the other hand, American congress members decided to visit Egypt and support the military coup which used extensive force and killed protestors in Egypt a very clear way, and shortly after this the USA government decided to send some money to Egypt's army as a deposit of USA aid?

Watch the following videos as references. 
Rachel Maddow Mocks Michele Bachmann Flying Circus in Egypt.
Wicker Questions General Martin Dempsey on Egypt.

12 - Now, the USA congress is discussing Egypt's crisis, and that's why I'm writing this post. 

I have a problem respecting any support of a military coup against an elected government, even if I don't agree with this government. 

The good thing is there are free voices in USA which can be heard. 
I liked Senator Colony of Virginia’s view in the hearing, and also Mrs Boxer. 
Watch Mr Colony’s statement in the following link

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Political Comedy- Egypt's crises.

Also you can watch the full hearing at the following link.

In the end I think the USA government action in showing support of a military coup in Egypt is not even good for its own citizens, but can be only good for the state of Israel and its urgent Middle East policy.

Unfortunately USA support keeps the military coup strong, and I wish to see my country strong and free enough one day so we can choose our own path, and no other power including USA government interests can influence our Egyptian life and the future of Egyptians.

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