Friday, 5 July 2013

Tailored democracy in Egypt revealed.

What has happened in Egypt in the last two years is very interesting. I can describe it for you in brief as these stages.

Stage 1: In January 2011, a revolution against a dictatorship astonished the whole world.
Stage 2: This revolution brought military to power for a transitional period which lasted for almost one and half years, to pave the road for a democracy in Egypt.
Stage 3: This military power worked so hard together with their allies from the Mubarak regime to fake and influence people to choose one of their corrupted generals as the new president of Egypt. Miraculously this did not happen, and a man not from military background became Egypt’s president.
Stage 4: The first elected president in Egyptian history could not perform his job well, because media loyal to the old regime and a deep corrupted system worked against him. In addition, he is not smart enough to beat them, or a good speaker who can convince people with his views and intentions.
Stage 5: The big protests against him were shown everywhere in the media, the slightly lesser number that protested to support him were ignored by most of the private media.
Stage 6: The military council overturned the president, the constitution and the parliament, which people had chosen in a true, not faked, election and referendum.
Stage 7: The military council closed all the media that supported the president, arrested the leaders of his party, brought the judiciary used to serve Mubarak back to his position, and appointed the head of the Constitutional court who used to serve Mubarak, as the president of Egypt during the transition period.
By doing that, they were putting an end to the first true experiment in democracy in Egyptian history, after just one year. What surprised me was that many people were happy and celebrating about this.
Now, the corrupted media have advantage over people’s minds and the hatred against the former president’s supporters is increasing, causing street fights between them.

The Consequences:   
We have many political parties in Egypt that come from religious backgrounds, they worked so hard to be a legitimate and integral part of Egyptian politics through a democratic system, and these had a balance of nonviolent views among them. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi had good publicity, a controlling share in the parliament, and brought a president from their background.
Now, when they have lost the seats they gained by democratically, through the force of a military movement and through being discriminated against by a corrupted media, what do can you expect them to do?
I think what has happened gives them good reason to use violence to get their rights back, and many of their followers will support that. This is going to bring instability in Egypt for some time until it is settled.

The solutions:
I wish that the newly elected government and parliament of Egypt will work hard to contain and consolidate with the Islamic religious powers, to bring them back to a true democratic system, this time without exceptions.
I wish the Islamic religious powers will practice patience and control their emotions, which have been badly hurt.
I wish the Egyptian people will comfort them and deal with them not as an enemy to the Egypt state, as the corrupted media portrays them, but as integral part of Egypt society - otherwise we will turn them into a true enemy.
I wish we can put an end to the corrupted media, which played an ugly role in Egypt in the last two years.

Visit the following link for photos of protests in Cairo squares.

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