Monday, 29 July 2013

How to fight a POSSIBLE TERROR? Answer ... You have to create it first to fight against it

Police solder shoot at people protesting in Nasr city where the 200 protectors have been killed - July 27
This is the conclusion I found in the Egyptian Military Chief’s most recent speech, which encouraged Egyptians to protest in Cairo streets in support of his action to stop a POSSIBLE TERROR.
This reminds me of how democracy was practiced in Greece 2,800 years ago - the louder crowd, their candidate gets elected.
No need for elections, voting, referendum in Egypt any more. Those who are louder and have guns have the right to force their views and rule.
To stop POSSIBLE TERROR, in my opinion, is to deal with your potential terrorists in a wise way, and show them options and give them ideas to express their views peacefully, so they don’t tend to use violence. Then if they insist on using violence and they did, in this case you have the right to take them down and put them in court to receive the appropriate penalty for what they have done.
But as things stand in Egypt, if your potential terrorists are opponents for you, you have to push them to do violence, so you can find an excuse to kill them and get rid of them completely, without even need to face a court.
If they did not tend to use violence, you have to get rid of them any way, no need for laws, courts, constitution, as long as you have a gun and control media to manipulate people’s opinions.
Five people were killed in front of the presidential guard house on July 5…. No action was taken.
80 killed and hundreds injured in the same place two days later on July 7… Nobody found guilty.
 This Saturday July 27… 88 killed and 800 injuries among the opposition to Egypt’s military chief, Mr Sissy and the whole world is a witness… Guess what happens? They have been blamed for being in the wrong place.
Among them is the driver who takes my kids to the school every day for two years now, and my kids loved him, because he was so kind to them.
The interesting thing is, no serious investigation was held and nobody has been arrested except from the victim’s side.
Hundreds of eye witnesses, hundreds of videos, hundreds of photos, but all of no use.
The head of policy stated that there were no guns in police hands to shoot at people, and tens of photos and videos show policemen shooting at people.
The head of the army stated that the army use of fire was to defend themselves, while videos and international reporters are witness that the army used extreme force and fired on people, with no evidence that violence started from the protestors’ side.
Justice is really blind in Egypt and can’t see the difference between criminals and victims.
I just need to see justice and somebody to be held responsibility for the death of people in Egypt.
protestors in support of Democracy in Egypt in front of the White House USA
I just need a non-biased police and army officer who stands to protect people’s lives, whatever the person’s views are.
I just need a judge who is brave enough to punish those who kill for their crimes, and who doesn't differentiate between people based on their political views.
I just need a media to be fair, and criminalize bloodshed on any side equally, and support a true justice.
But it seems that those who are not supporting the military rule in Egypt now are not human enough to live with their views.

If you like to turn your opposition into terrorists? There’s no better way than Egypt’s army leaders do. 

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