Monday, 1 July 2013

Cairo protests on Jun 30th by eye witness

On June 30, I visited all the major protest sites in Cairo, both anti Morsy and pro Morsy. 
The following are my observation and analysis. 

Anti president protest in Tahrir square:
1-    The number of people estimated to be around 2 millions, without exaggeration, filling the square and all the streets leading to it, which reminds me of the protest during the Egyptian Revolution of Jan 25th 2011.
2-    There are new types of people in the square, I think they were not part of Jan 25th 2011.
3-    The main influence and main reason for many people to go out on Jun 30 was the media, since most of them repeat what the media say about the president and the Muslim brotherhood without any deep thought.
4-    Less organized compared to how it was Jan 25th 2011, but generally speaking organization is good enough compared to many other protests in the square lately.
5-    Some violence and harassment against women, which never happened in the 18th days of Jan 25th 2011
Anti president protest around the presidential palace:
1-    The biggest numbers ever seen around the palace.
2-    There’s a big number of youth and teenagers getting involved and causing violence after any spark.
3-    Many of the comments about Tahrir square protest also apply to the protest around the president palace.

Pro president protest in Rabaa square:
1-    Many less people than those who protest against the president.
2-    Far more organized than anti president protests.
3-    No single case of violence or harassment against women.
4-    Alert and worried about being attacked especially after the attack of more than 12 of the offices of Muslim Brotherhood all over the country, burning the buildings and targeting Muslim Brotherhood in these buildings. This included attack of the Headquarters in Cairo by gangs and killing of eight people thought to be Muslim Brotherhood members.
5-    As a result of their feeling of insecurity, they formed a security unit to secure the protest and defend themselves against any attack that might happen and are very well equipped, helmets, sticks and some have shields, but no sign of any guns.
6-    Many of them come from Cairo suburbs or towns close to Cairo.

Military council action:
The military council made an important statement of giving a last chance for the different political parties and activists to solve their problems to save the country, otherwise, the military will take action to protect the people within this county.
This statement has been interpreted by those who are anti president as being in their favour, and by those who are pro president consider it against the president.

My thoughts
The situation is aggravated and could explode at any minute. People of each side are very angry, but much more disciplined on the pro president side.
The Anti president protestors threaten that they will attack the presidential complex, and if that happens and the security forces couldn’t stop them, this might encourage the pro president and their well organized forces to go and defend the palace themselves. This would be catastrophic, especially as the distance between the pro president camp and the palace is only a 15 minute walk.
Until now the police and military have shown no sign of protecting any of the attacked buildings of the Muslim brotherhood. This could be interpreted as being on purpose, possibly because the police don’t want to be involved, while the military possibly don’t want to be in a direct confrontation with the people in the street.

Even though I support him personally, I think it will be difficult for Morsy to keep his seat. Egypt is more important than one person, even if I consider him a good president.
Hopefully, the Military council can convince Morsy to step down or at least call for a referendum for the president to continue, so that we keep the constitution, otherwise there will be no rules for any political process for Egypt for another two years at least.

All the information listed above is based on my personal observation alone.
Samir Abbass

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  1. I agree, but we hope to see fresh faces for first time
    Because seen the old one again in politics, just doesn’t seem right
    I Plame the current situation on all the political party and figures plus the media