Sunday, 9 December 2012

That's why I support Egypt's president in his power grab

That might sounds strange for you. I do support our elected president in his claim for short term grab of power until the constitution referendum held in Dec 15 and 22.
We had a hard time for almost 2 years now from a corrupted Judiciary, choose by Mubarak and working hard to cause failure to Egypt revolution hopping to get the old regime resurrected again.

Why I don’t trust in the Judiciary

1- These Judges are the same ones who kept silent when Mubarak kept tailoring the constitution in his own favor and his own party favor, and yet now they don't waste a single chance to make comments which make the Judges destroy the revolution gains.

2- They helped a corrupt high official from Mubarak's party to get qualified for the presidential elections.
3- They dismissed the parliament which was the choice of over 32 million Egyptians who voted in the 1st fair parliamentary elections for a silly reason (they said there were error in the procedures).
4- They cancelled previous decisions made by the Egyptian-elected president to make sure corrupt, governmental high officials would keep their positions such as the chief prosecutor.
Side note about The Chief Prosecutor:  He kept silent during Mubarak's time when many crimes were made by Mubarak, his sons, his High officials, and members of his party, and then he became in charge of introducing the protesters' killer to justice. Guess what? All of them were found ungainly as if all those people shot dead by policy and ran by police vehicles in Egypt streets were acting. 

5- Many of them have made a comment in the local and international media showing how much they hate the revolution.

What would possibly happen if The President did not naturalized the Judiciary?
There was a case witnessed in the court to dismiss the advisory counsel and the committee entrusted to compose the constitution. If they do, this will take Egypt two years back and it might be the end of a great revolution meaning that all that we suffered for in the last two years will go to waste.

Our president is the people's choice and I prefer to trust in him instead of putting my future in the hand of corrupt judges chosen by Mubarak; I prefer to work to bring the old regime back to life, especially since the president promised he will claim this power until the constitution referendum (in about 15 days).

I don’t like my president to possess all the power, but revolutions are exceptional circumstances which need exceptional procedures to be successful.
On the other hand, I don’t agree on the confrontations between groups of people of different views simply because among them, there will be people ready to make problems and that’s how the fighting started. Another important factor helping to inflame the situation is that criminals have been paid by the previous regime to harm and shoot people on both sides to encourage fighting.

Yesterday, the president made a compromise to contain the situation which I liked and support as well; after more than 12 hours of meeting with the some of his opposition. Other opposers decided to not even come to meet the president; I don’t think they love Egypt enough. If they do, they will not waste a single chance to stop the violence and secure Egypt's future.

I hope to find more time to write more for you soon. I would like to write in detail about my personal analysis of Egypt's president's decisions and actions since he was elected up until now.

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