Sunday, 23 December 2012

Egypt’s dispute about controversial draft constitution

It is a great joy for me seeing Egyptians clustered and stood in lines extends in some election posts for 1 km long, waiting in patient for more than 5 hours in determinations to vote in Egypt’s constitution referendum. Whatever the result is, this is a great evidence that Egyptians not only want democracy and change, but also they are so passionate for it.

This constitution draft is not perfect but considers the best constitution Egypt had until today for the following reasons.
1-    It shrinks the authorities of the president and gives more power for the people assembly.
2-    The president cannot rule for more than 4 years in each term for 2 terms at most.
3-    The parliament has an authority to choose the government and observe their performance.
4-    The president has no authority to send Egypt troops outside Egypt without the parliament permission.
5-    Minorities in Egypt especially Christians have much more rights in the new constitution, such as the freedom to build churches without government regulations.
6-    One of the constitution articles make it possible to change and re write the disputed articles within the constitution by the people assembly.

Then, why many people in Egypt are not satisfied with the new constitution?

1-   The committee elected by the parliament to compose the constitution has a significant number of members from Islamist camp reflecting the Islamist’s controlling share in the people assembly. That made many of secular politicians and activists under a coalition named the National Salvation Front, many of them lost seats in the parliament elections or lost in the Presidential elections getting jealous and used their influences to encourage their followers to vote against the constitution. There are articles in the new constitution to depose the leading members of Mubarak government and his party and that is going to put an end for any chance of the Mubarak party to come back in power again. They spend a tremendous amount of money to promote false articles and distributing fake copies for free and introduce them as part of the constitution draft and unfortunately that influenced many to vote against the constitution. There’s a plot to sabotage Egypt's new democracy by loyalists to former President Hosni Mubarak's authoritarian regime, overthrown nearly two years ago.
2-   Privately owned media by Business men (TV channels’ and News Papers), known for getting extremely wealthy during Mubarak time because their close tide with his corrupted system, make their best efforts to twists facts and influence people to vote against the constitution.
     3-Egyptians had great expectations after the revolution to have the constitution liked by every Egyptians.
     4-Some people are skeptic from the rise of Islamist camp power in Egypt and think this constitution will allow Islamist to slowly transform the country into a theocratic state, and think voting against the constitution will stop that from happening. This is the main reason why most of the Christians voted against the constitution.

 What would happen if the constitution not approved?
1-    They will be no parliament elections until a new constitution written and approved. Therefore, the president will enjoy more power for about a year.
2-    A new committee should be established to write the new constitution and since we don’t have parliament, the president will have the authority to choose its members or issue a new decree with a law to form the committee, as a result,  about 45% of the Egyptians who voted against the president in the recent presidential elections will disagree or be skeptic about the president choices and this is going to open a door wide for protests and street clashes.
3-    Once the new committee established, they will be disagreements between its members about the constitution articles, which is normal, but this is going to give a corrupted media and jealous politicians the reason for inflaming the situation and encourage protest leads to stress clashes.
4-    Because of the previous reasons, writing a new constitution might take more than a year, during this period the country will remains unstable which is going to cause a bad economy to be even worst and the poor man in Egypt will pay a huge bill.

I think the alternatives if the constitution not approved is not a good one. So I decided to agree with a constitution draft as I see it as very good one and hopping the coming elected parliament made the proper adjustments to make it excellent one.
On the other hand I don’t see any chance of having better results if this constitution not approved.

NOTE: If you have any comments about my language, please don’t hesitate to edit or make comments. That’s how I improve my English writing.

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