Sunday, 16 September 2012

What really happened around the American Embassy in Cairo? An eyewitness account of the incident.

Shortly after the protest started around the embassy building, I decided to go especially when the protest took a violence turn and encouraged others who have a self discipline to join me, hopping to help in putting an end for the violence around the embassy building. When I was there, rarely I've seen a foreign journalist, because how dangerous the situation and the hate against the western culture.
Therefore, I think it’s an important help my friends to understand what was exactly happening there, since I was able to be so close to talk to people protesting there and understand their motivations.  
The following are my observations.
1-    The 1st protest day, there were people of different backgrounds protesting around and so close to the American embassy, among them many Egyptian Christians supporting the Muslims in their protest. At the end of the day, some of the angry protestors took the American flag down. That’s when the Egyptian police force rushed to the site and used the tear gas to push people away from the embassy complex.
2-    In Thru the violence around the embassy increased and I decided to join other group encouraged by the mosque leader close to the embassy to stop the violence, by standing between the police and the protestors, after convincing the police to siege fire, but we have been attacked by the protestors, and the Imam of the mosque was attacked as well.
3-    I decided to get into the crowds in order to have a better understanding for their backgrounds, when I noticed the following.
*The age of the protestors range between 7 to 19 years.
*During the time of pray, rarely any of them made to the mosque to pray, in another words, they are not practicing Islam, that’s made me wondering, why they are protesting? There were no more than 30 person engaged in the fight with the police.
4-    I left the site in Thru evening, when the police had a good control over the situation securing not just the embassy complex but also the area around.
5-    In Fri morning I was terrified when I reached the site for the following reasons
*The number of the protestors increased much into a few hundreds and their age range from 7  to 19 years old.
*The police force withdraw to secure only the embassy complex leaving 2 of the most important hotels in the area unguarded and a high possibility of being attacked and looted. In these hotels they were many tourists, their life would be in danger.
*The protestors started to prepare Molotov cocktail to use it against the police force.
6-    The interesting thing, when I was trying to stop people from using the Molotov, based on the many discussions I had with them, all of them focused on, their target is the police force and nobody talked about the embassy as a target. In my opinion the main motivation of the protestors was their hate to the police as a result of long period when Egypt ruled by a very aggressive police rules.
7-    There was no way to stop the riots peacefully, that’s when I decided to go to the police camp to report about the riots, giving them info about their numbers, locations, age structure, and the possibility of attacking the 2 hotels near the embassy. It was my 1st time to report against protestors, but they were no other way to secure the area and I’m glad I did.
8-    The police force in the evening launched a counterattack arresting many of them with causing minor damage and injuries, putting an end for a street fights held for 3 days, launched by irresponsible very young people, motivated by their hate to the police.
9-    There’s another factor motivating the protestors, which is media, movies and videogames with lots of violence as a great favor among the Egyptian’s teens.
10-                       In Sat, I paid a visit to the embassy area, and I found out as if nothing happened there. There’s no single person around, everything is very normal, the streets have been cleaned and life is going, make it hard to believe they were street fights in the same area a day before.

Over all, I’m very satisfied with the way the police dealt with the situation. They managed to put an end for riots, arresting those who promotes violence and not using extreme violence as they used to do before.

Look at my photo album for the protest near the American Embassy in the following link

Feel free to make comments about my English. That’s how I improve my English writing skills.

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