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This is the most crucial time in USA - Middle East relationship

I’m sorry to say that, only few people in the Middle East who have a chance to meet Americans and talk to them close as I do. I spent in the last 3 days a fair amount of time in talking with my friends in the States to understand the Americans public opinion about what is happening now.
On the other hand, I was in the street most of the time since the protest started and understand the angry protestors back grounds and their motivation (they don’t representing the majority of Egyptian people)
Therefore, I think I’m in a better situation than many others to analyze better this problem and give practical solutions.
The Movie about The Prophet Mohamed is like a straw broke the camel back, causing protests in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Indonesia, Australia, India, Pakistan, Yamane, ….

The following is my personal view about
The Reasons
The consequences

The Reasons ……
Don’t think the anger in Midle East and the Muslim world because the movie only, there’s many other historical reasons such as:
1-    The war in Iraq and the death of hundreds of thousands in conflicts after that, which claimed to be based on wrong information according to American intelligence.
2-    The double standard in dealing with the Arab Israeli problem, and the USA Vito in UN against any decision against Israel or supporting the Palestinians.
3-    The American government support for many previous regimes in the Middle East in the favor of Israel, even when they are very corrupted toward their own people.

This film about Mohamed has been made few months ago in USA and there’s a reason to translate it into Arabic and spread it now.
1-    The movie is made so basic and so tacky, not in a way to attract the average American attentions. The movie was directed in a way to suite the Middle Eastern minds, collecting the most awful human quality and introducing it in the most tacky way to make sure it will cause the most fear and damage possible.
2-    The Movie Spread in 9/11, and some of the biased media in USA were showing the protest as if the Muslims celebrating  9/11 by attacking more American buildings and focusing less on the Movie.
3-    President Obama declared many times, he is not going to support and Israeli military actions against Iran, and refused to meet the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu recently.
4-    In USA now there’s a strong competition between Republicans and Democrats. The two parties who are showing completely deferent view about the Middle East. The Democrats wants to keep a good relations with the new regimes in the Middle East and think more wisely about supporting the state of Israel. Republicans, are extremely supporter for aggressive actions in the Middle East in support in Israel, even if that go into war with Iran and repeats the same mistake of Iraq.
5-    Romney, against the well of the united nation supported the Israeli claim to consider Jerusalem as a capital of Israel. Not only, he was threatening to stop paying military aids to Egypt government, which is a stupid statement, forgetting that Egyptian people protested before to stop the government from receiving the American aid.
6-    This situation is reminding me with what happened before 9/11 and neglecting the intelligence reports of a possible attack and in other reading letting it happened (some assume it was planned by the Israeli intelligent to put an end to biggest army in the Middle East).
7-    Releasing the Video in this time is creating a wave of hastens and possibly attacks against American facilities to influence the American public opinion to vote for those who can protect them better and ready to go to war to secure America life (The Republicans), which exactly like what happened after 9/11.

The Consequences
1-    Americans support the Republicans in the coming elections.
2-    Destroying the America relationship with all the Middle East and this is going to be in the favor of Israel.
3-    Possible American military actions in some places in the Middle East, which going to increase the possibility of a massive war.
4-    High possibilities of attacking Iran if the Republicans won the elections.
5-    The average American citizen hates Middle East and Arabs. The average Arabs hate American people.
6- Giving the excuse for Islamic extremism to grow and spread its ideas.

The solutions
1-    An official apology by the American government, which they did.
2-    Putting laws to make sure that such irresponsible acts, movies, statement will not happen again. Which not happened in USA now, but other western countries such as Norway, declared that they are about to form a new law to stop people from mocking other people religions and beliefs. It’s possible. As I understand, you can put in a Jail in many of the western countries and USA for being an Anti Semitism or even for questioning the history of the Holocaust.
3-    Putting an end for the money, big corporations and lobbies influences in American media and elections.
4-    Voting for the Democrats in the coming elections as I see them keener to keep a good and balanced relationship with the Middle Eastern countries.   
5-    American individuals should work with other individuals in the Middle East to bridge the gap of misunderstanding.

If you would like to know who is behind that, search for the beneficial.
Who control media in USA?
Who controls the Oil business in USA?
Who controls weapon industry in USA?
Who want USA army to fight their battle and attack Iran?
Who got benefits from destroying the Iraqi army and its infrastructures? ……
If you answered these questions, you will understand who is behind producing this movie and spreading it in that particular time.

I wish Americans realize that and in the coming elections and vote for those who are working to improve the American relationship with the Middle East. Obama has done many mistakes, but he is better than his alternative in trying to restore the relationship between USA and the Arab world.

I want you to know how much I’m sorry and resentful for the death of The American diplomats in Libya by criminals, but don’t forget that they have been carried to the hospital by angry protesters to save their life.

Religion and believes for people in the Middle East are more important than their own life.

I wish people all over the world feel the same towards to loss of the human life, regardless if they are from USA, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, etc ….

Note: feel free to make any comments about my ideas or my language. That’s how I improve my understanding and writing skills.

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