Monday, 13 August 2012

Mission accomplished. Egypt Revolution accomplished.

Mission accomplished. Egypt Revolution accomplished.

When I voted for Dr Morsy in the last Egyptian presidential elections in Jun 24th, 2012, honestly, I wasn’t very sure that he had sufficient skills to run the country in these troubled days, I chose him because he was an enemy of the Mubarak regime and the other candidate was a significant, infamous high official in Mubarak government. I preferred hope instead of someone, loyal to the Mubark regime.
I waited for almost 2 months now to write my blog about his achievements and I’m glad I did, because if I had written about him just few days ago, It would be very different from what I’m going to write today. In other words, only now do I have a strong belief in him as a skillful president.
Since we started the revolution in Egypt, The Military council was running the scene in a very suspicious way. They did everything possible to make people hate the revolution and the crowds sacrificed their lives to get rid of Mubarak, so that the people would vote in favor of the candidate they supported and they almost did. There was a very small difference between Morsey and Shafiq in the votes counts. 

The Military Council members established themselves above the law and created certain articles in the temporary constitution to stay in power and influence the new constitution, so it would be in their favor. If they had stayed in power the struggle between the elected president and the chiefs of the military council might have last for several years, and that would cause Egypt to be unstable in term of security, government and economy for may be few decades.
Finally, Dr  Morsey, the people’s choice, managed to consolidate his power over the Military council leaders who were appointed by Mubarak and put an end to the power struggle. On Sun Aug 12, he dismissed Tantawy (the chief of the military council) and Annan (Chief of Staff), and appointed them as presidential advisorsJNow I feel that, The Egyptian revolution is on the right path, when the elected people has the authority, or in other words, when the Egyptian people who go and vote have the chance to choose their leaders. 
The Military Council wasn’t much different from Mubarak and his party.
The President used a terrible incident that happened in north Sinai near the Israeli border in his favor, sorry, I mean in Egypt’s favor.
On Aug 5, 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed at the Israeli border, when they were having their 1st meal after a long day of fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The attack was launched by a military group that, used to attack police posts in Sinai in the last year and half and kept destroying the governments infrastructure in north Sinai (They bomb the natural gas pipe line supplying Jordan and Israel 15 times and got away with that).
It was a great shame, especially since north Sinai is the hottest zone on Egypt’s borders and it’s the responsibility of the army leaders to keep it safe and under control. 15 times they bombed the pipe line, and the Military Council couldn’t prevent that from happening. It was a huge set back, but all the Military Council members did was focus on their own business and holding on to their seats and their corrupted practices. They just focused on their business and fighting hard to keep their seats, and protect their corruption. They had no time to do their real job to secure Egypt borders.
This was Dr Morsy’s great chance, and he didn’t waste it. He dismissed Tantawy (The former chief of the military council) and Anna (the chief of Staff ), who are the most significant members of the Military Council.

There’s still some mystery about the exact reasons and tools he used to do it. Tantawy and Annan are very well established in Egyptian army so it’s not easy to get rid of them without help from other leaders inside the army.
The following story is not an official story, but it’s the only story so far that gives a good explanation for what happened.
1-    Dr. Morsey, fired the chief of the army intelligence, 2 days after the attack and appointed a new one whom, he trusted in.
2-     The new chief of intelligence informed the president about the Military Council Chief’s secret plan to get rid of him in Aug 24thIn Aug 24th pro Mubarak activists called for protest against the president and plans were made to create  chaos this day, like what happened in Jan 28, 2011, giving the Military Council the excuse to declare a state of emergency and over throw the president.
3-    The president confronted the Chief of the Military Council and the Chief of Staff with the charges, which they denied. At the same time, he faced them with the new head of intelligence and other members of the Military Council, who preferred to ally with the president and supported the president’s position.
4-    The President asked his palace guards to keep both under arrest until he publically appointed the new army leaders.

This story, might be not very accurate, but it’s told by someone, who claimed to be an eye witness and it’s the only story that really explains what happened, especially since, the president changed his palace guard chief a day before facing Tantawy (The former chief of the military council) and Anna (the chief of Staff), to make sure he would arrest them when Dr. Morsy ordered him to do so.

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