Sunday, 17 June 2012

How I made my choice during Egypt's presidential elections

Round 1:
It was difficult to choose among the different candidates since they were 13 of them.
I decided to choose Abou Elftouh for the following reasons.

1-    He supported Egypt revolution from the very beginning.
2-    He was a strong opposition for Mubarak regime.
3-    He dedicated his life for civil work, even when he was in Jail for opposing Mubarak, he was supporting other prisoners.
4-    He managed to gain the support of different political groups of various views in less than 1 year campaign, which a good sign of being accepted by a big Varity of Egypt community, before that many of these political groups never came along together because of the differences in thier views.
5-    He has an Islamic moderate religious view, which is very important to influence the good morals in Egypt society, since religion is a big influence for most of the Egyptians Muslims and Christians.
But unfortunately Abou Elftouh wasn't qualified for the 2nd round

Round 2:
For me it was easier to choose among the 2 candidates Ahmed Shafeek and Mohamed Morsy

Ahmed Shafeek
Mohamed Morsy

He was a high official during Mubarak regime.
He is a significant leader in the Muslim brotherhood religious organization.
He was suspected for over 20 crimes of corruptions when Mubark was in power and never taken to the court once because of his connections with the ruling Military Council.
The Muslim brotherhood gained a bad reputation for representing Islam extreme as a result of using the public media against them during Mubarak period.
He was appointed by Mubarak when the revolution started as a priminiaster, and was against the revolution.
He and the Muslim brotherhood supported the revolution.
A military general and has a great connections with the ruling military council.
A professor, receive his doctorate from an American university.
One of his famous sayings " Mubarak is my ideal leader".
He was in Jail for opposing Mubarak.

So it was easy to choose Mohamed Morsy of the Muslim Brotherhood, even when I disagree with the them in many things, but they are much better choice than Mubarak crony, how is going to resurrect Mubarak regime if he made it to power.
They are enemies of Mubarak regime and they will make every thing possible to get rid of the remnants of Mubarak completely, and I don't want more from them in the following 4 years. After 4 years, if they were not working for the good of the people, definitely will not elect them again, and definitely will be much more choices in the following elections and for sure Mubarak cronies will no longer be in power.
It was easy for me to make my choice, but unfortunately it was difficult for many uneducated Egyptians, who don't have my tools of research, therefore I decided to write my political view about the presidential candidates in a simple way and distribute it in poor area and already distributed 4000 pamphlets, sure it helped many to choose their next president.

Note: Feel free to make comments or edit my English, that's how I will improve my writing skills    

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