Sunday, 17 June 2012

The best Guide for practical tips of how to influence and fake elections.
Very handy tips for any government or dictators want to rule people forcibly.
Based on a true story of Egypt revolution.

1-     Pretend you are supporting the revolution.
2-     Work to gain people trust so they believe in you in support for the revolution.
3-     Encourage every political movement to form a political party.
4-     Run a apartment elections as soon as possible and give people hope to choose freely for the 1st time those who represent them. (Of course people will choose those how supported the revolution and were organized enough shortly after the revolution, on the time when almost all the other new parties haven't had any time or funds to promote for themselves. The results was the Muslim brother hood had a significant no of parliament's members and that made every other parties jealous and cenacle about them)
5-     Divide between the different political groups who supported the revolutions and make them enemies to each other rather than working together as they used during the revolution.
6-     Keep control over the government, other words the executive power, including army, police, public media, court system and all ministries.
7-     Refuse to put any of the decisions or laws taken in the people assembly into action, so people lose their confidence in the people they choose to make any different after the revolution, therefore lose their public support.
8-     Threaten use the public media and use extreme force against any protest and blame a 3rd party for starting these violence, who are actually a secret police dressed like civilians or secret militias paid by Mubarak cronies.
9-     Create a public opinion among the commoners against the revolution by taking different actions to cause hi inflations and lake in security, for example, reduce the amounts of Gas, Gasoline and cooking gas delivered to the market and encourage big corporation workers to protest, stopping the work in their corporations and blocking hi ways, trains, and airports. By doing that, you create a public opinion among the uneducated and poor class of Egypt society (the majority of Egypt society how hardly get some income for their every day diet) against the revolution, and make them ready to choose a new president from the old regime.
10- Introduce a candidate in the presidential elections who is an army general and high official in Mubarak regime, who is give promises for fixing all the problems happened in Egypt in the last year and half. (actually he can, simply because he is the one how created it all)
11- Refuse to obey the parliament's law of any of Mubarak regime cannot run in the parliament elections.
12- Appoints a few Judges to control the presidential elections, who are known for their rule in faking many parliaments elections during Mubarak regime for the favor of Mubarak party.
13- The Judges committee running the elections have the right to disqualify any candidate by their completely entrenched judge from being reversed.
14- Leave the people between 2 difficult choices. 1st, hi official from Mubarak regime, 2nd not charismatic member of the Muslim Brotherhood who are lost most of their popularity after screwing up in the parliament.
15- Encouraging and help police and army to get an ID's not showing their profession so they can use it in elections (Police and army are banded from voting by Egyptian law). Some estimates a number of 4 millions names added to the elections names list (about 10% of the total no of Egyptians qualified to vote in the election), in the last few month after the parliament elections, while the number of the Egyptian reached the 19 years old and became qualified for voting won't exceed 500 thousands to be added to the name list in the last few month.

So, if you are a dictator and want to stay and your regime in power, these are your guide lines.
For detailed info and intensive course contact the Egypt Military council and Mubarak cronies.

Note: Feel free to make comments or edit my English, that's how I will improve my writing skills    


  1. Excellent diagnosis of the current situation. I'm hoping you're not the only one who sees through what the SCAF has been doing. Next we need the 15-point plan on how to counter what they have done.

  2. Excellent analysis. The SCAF must be following your advice closely! Now we need the 15 point plan on how to kick the bastards out!

  3. Who came up with the stupid (IMHO) rule that police and army can't vote in Egypt? It seems they should be the first that can vote to help decide who their boss is going to be? Who made this rule?
    In the USA the only ones that can't vote are felons, under age people, and foreigners.
    What is the point of not letting army and police vote?

  4. The Army & Police can't vote because they still part of Mubarak old Regime,we need a lot of time to make them change their way of thinking because they Convinced that all the people doesn't know the best for them & only they know it represented in the old regime, also because Senior military leaders told them they 'll loose all their authority & benefits if the regime changed,so we need time to make them think freely without Views of others & make them know by experiment that we know the best for us when we changed the Regime.