Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Ruling Military Council proved, they are still part of Mubarak regime.

In Sat April 28, protestors from Tahrir square decided to move to protest in front the Ministry of Defense against the Ruling Military Council. Most of them are the supporter of a presidential candidate not qualified for the elections by the election committee and decided not to leave the place.
 In Tues, May 1st evening, armed civilians attacked the peaceful protestors killing 20 and injuring over a 100 protestors. The following day the public media introduced the criminals as people living in the same quarter of the Ministry of Defense and voluntarily decided to break the protest outside the Ministry building.
The following day, big no of activists of different backgrounds joined the protestors and aliened against the 
Ruling Military Council, among them few protesters decided to take over the ministry building. That gave the  Ruling Military Council an excuse to use extreme force to dismiss and artist many of the protesters, over 300 have been arrested among them journalists, doctors and women volunteered in the field hospital. 

My analyze is
1- The 
Ruling Military Council  together with Pro Mobarak hired the criminals and gave them tolls and weapons to injury and kill protesters and terrify the people living around the protest area to create fight between them. There are many evidences and eye witnesses supporting that. 
2- The  Ruling Military Council  are stupid and even more stupid than Mubarak and his officials or they think we are stupid and will believe in their story.
3- The military council seems to me as very confused in his decisions as if there's a conflict within the council itself.

Therefore, it was an illusion when we thought; the  Military Council is in support to the revolution. 

The presidential election is most crucial subject since the revolution started. If the Egyptians found out, the Military Council is going to fake or influence the election in order to bring a president from pro Mubarak, the situation will get very complicated and people will revolt again.

The presidential election is the most crucial battle now between the Egyptians and Mubarak regime.

Note: Feel free to edit and make comments on my Language, since I'm not native English speaking.  

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