Monday, 23 April 2012

Egyptians of different backgrounds and political views decided to come together again in Tahrir square again.
(April 20 – 2012)

In Tahrir square, Egyptians came together as they did when the revolution started against the ruling Military Council.

The history repeats itself and I see the ruling military council committing the same mistakes that Mubarak did before.
They think themselves smart and everybody else stupid.
They think they know best for this country and give themselves the right to choose for people, while the consider everybody else unqualified.
I'm not surprised; they were part of Mubarak regime for over 20 years.

What concerns me and makes me feel confused about is the attitude of The Muslim brotherhood or Freedom and Justice Party as they call themselves. I conducted a couple of interviews with leaders in this party and became more confused.
During the revolution, they introduced themselves as participants and did not aim to control and decided not even present a presidential candidate. The situation now is different. They have a controlling share in the Parliament, the Advisors council, the Constitution committee, and have a presidential candidate, and want to form a government. In other words, they aim to control both the Legislative power and the executive power. 

They said, "We changed our aim, because we were worry the country will be taken over by the remnants of Mubarak regime, and we want to be in power so that we possess the tools to make the good changes we are looking for Egypt." 

Yesterday, they allied themselves with the Military council and refused to participate in any protest against the Military ruling council and said no more protest should occur since we have elected a Parliament. When the council refused the sheer suggestion of forming a new government, their relation with the Military council deteriorated and the party decided to protest with the other political parties in Tahrir against the council. This is my problem with them: they always change their mind and attitude and that makes me and most Egyptians more cynical about their REAL AIMS???

Do they really want good for the country? Or do they want what's good for the country based on their own views.
They said, people voted for them and the party speaks for the majority of the Egyptians who voted for them.
I have been in the elections, and most of the people who voted for them did so not because they wanted them but because there were no alternatives. In the last 30 years, Mubarak put an end to all political participation except for his party alone, and only the Muslim brotherhood managed to hold on because they adapted religious views in a country where religion is a main influence for the majority of the people.

Now Egyptians have the freedom to practice politics, and the result is that the Muslim brotherhood will face real competition but not in the short term.
If I have to choose between them and the Military council or The Remnants of Mubarak Regime, defiantly I will choose the Muslim Brotherhood. Maybe when they are tested, they will prove that they want the best for Egypt and all Egyptians. 

Egypt is not going to turn into a fair, equitable and righteous democracy over night, but we will have always the chance to correct our own wrong choices. Nobody can fake our votes again; otherwise he will face all Egyptians when they become angry again.

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