Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who among the Egyptian protestors fighting
the police and army now?

I have been in Tahrir square since the revolution started in Jan 2011. I do remember the day when Mubarak stepped down very well, I went back home and rested, like most of the protestors who stayed in the square since Jan 28.
After that, I used to go back to the square and protest occasionally when I feel there's needs to assure the revolution demands.
After I went for voting like the majority of the Egyptian people did to choose their representatives in the people assembly, I decided not to protest any more, I believe in the people assembly rule is to speak on our behalf and stand to achieve the revolution goals. The only reason led me to the square now, is to observe and prevent possible damage. That exactly what I was doing when I tried to stop angry protestor torching a public building when there was a fight with the army police near the square.
Unfortunately, I couldn't because two of them threaten me with knife to leave them alone or they will kill me. That is completely different situation and attitude, than what happened in Tahrir square and other squares around the country when Mubarak stepped down.  The main reason behind the success of Egypt revolution is because we used peace to fight against tyrants and guns, the only time we used a weapon, it was rubbles to defend ourselves and our dream within the square.
Now it seems it happened the other way around, when the protestors use violence to express their views.
Defiantly the protestors who used peace to fight against tyrant, is different than those who use violence to express their views.
In another day when there was a fight,  I went to talk with the protestors who fight the police near the police ministry building, to understand their causes. No one of those I asked them had a good reason to be around and do what he is doing.

The following points explain what I think their motivations.
1-     Feeling jealous of the revolution success when the protestors in Tahrir square forced Mubarak to step down, and want to prove themselves as able to challenge the authority too.
2-     Many of them hate the police as a result of many decades the policy had a great advantage over people and treated them badly.
3-     Watching to many action movies and playing violent video games, which are very common among teen agers, who are the majority of the protestors when a fight happened.
4-     Leaders of the ex ruling party, trying desperately to create a state of chaos, in the favor of their relatives, friends and colleagues who are in Jail now and facing trials. Who can believe that the first lady will stand observing her husband and her only sons facing death as penalty and do nothing with all the rich and influence he has.
5-     The police and army, both aren't professionals in dealing with the protestors. Their actions normally increase the violence instead of decreasing it.  

I was so sad when I made it to the square recently. There was garbage everywhere. It wasn't the same as it used to be during the revolution, clean and painted when it was over.

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