Sunday, 5 February 2012

What does Sport means for most of the Egyptians?
An analysis for the violence held after a soccer game in Egypt.

Wed, Feb 1st, 2012, evening 74 Egyptians died and hundreds injured in violence started after soccer game in Port Said city.
Most of the Egyptians are famous for being very fanatically for soccer, but never happened such great violence before.
In my understanding, there's a historical and culture reasons and reasons related to the incidence.

Historical and cultural reasons
1-     The political use of soccer to ease the stress in Egypt society as a result of  the absence for freedom of speech for decades now.
2-     The media policies regarding soccer games and players news, made many Egyptians thinking in soccer as integral part of their daily life and arguments.
3-     The human being naturally like challenges, competitions, achievements and the feelings of winning, when he fails in practicing that, he became addicted to watch soccer game and ease the pressure he has when supporting his favorite team. That applied to most of the Egyptians who fell under a rule of corrupted governments for decades, aimed to foil any positive behavior in Egypt society ,so they never think about revolting against them.
4-     Beside Media support for soccer, there was a great financial and political support, Mubarak and his sons themselves were sponsoring soccer games.
5-     During Mubark regime (lasted for 30 years), education was focusing mainly on memorizing loads of info and completely neglecting the manners and behavior concept of Education. Add to that promoting for movies and video games has lots of violence and negative ideas, the result was many young people became knowing no way to release their motions except violence.
6-     The complete neglect for promoting to sport practice as a physical and sociological need to express the human nature. There's tens of Sport newspapers, magazines and TV channels, but I never seen any of media tools giving any practical tips for sport practices, and if they did no body will find court, space or tools to practice sport available to use close or of low cost.

Reasons related to the incidence.
1-     The police system in Egypt, is not recovered yet after Egypt revolution. They don't know how to control violence without killing and torturing people. For so long they were terrifying people and that's how they were in control, now they can't do that and they are not trained to be professionals in dealing with violence.
2-     There's a great evidences for a plot against the El Ahly club fans know as Ultras Elahly among them only were the death and injuries. Ultras Elahly are organized soccer fans who supported Egypt revolution and they were the main fighting power against Egypt police forces during the riots. What happened was considered a punishing for them for supporting Egypt revolution.
3-     Many of the ex parliaments members and leaders of the National ruling party during Mubarak regime, still in power and are known for having their own gangsters, which they used during their election campaigns. An arrested criminal confessed that he and many other were paid by ex parliament members to encourage violence after the end of the game.
4-     The game ended in the favor of El Masrry team, and there were no practical reason for attacking The Ultras Elahly who lost the game.
5-     The number of police troops used to secure the game wasn't at its minimum and their negative behavior after the violence started was very suspicions.
6-     They were no security standing at the stadium entry gates to check tickets and search for any banded objects and weapons, which is never happened before at any soccer game.
7-     The gates of Ultras Elahly were sealed to make sure they will not be able to escape the stadium; on the other hand the gates of Elmasry team supporter were opened to the court to make easy for them to reach Ultras Elahly.

Now, when I'm writing this blog, many people are protesting outside the police departments in Cairo and other cities, asking for re establishing of the police system and a transaction of power to the elected parliament, since what happened proofing, Mubarak regime still in power and practicing terror against people. Many blame the Military council who rules Egypt now as being not loyal to the revolution and consider him a continuity of Mubark regime, who can't stand and face an old friends and partners from Mubaark regime.

Sun, Feb 5th 2012
Samir Abbass


  1. All of what you write rings true, Samir. It is very cynical of the people in power to act this way, but transitioning from a tyrany as you had under Mubarak to democracy is never easy, or smooth. The history of other democracies, including our own, bears this out. Keep believing it will happen - and stay safe from the thugs.

    1. Highly appreciate your comment. Thanks for your concern.