Friday, 27 January 2012

What is happening in Tahrir square in Jan 25, 2012.
Do we really should celebrate or revolt?

Its 1 year passed since Egypt great revolution last Jan 2011. Getting rid of Mubarak was a great sign shows the great accomplish we made, but it seems, Mubarak has gone, but almost everything stayed as its.
Yesterday (Jan 25, 2012) in Tahrir squares around Egypt hundred of thousands of people went out for many causes. Some went out to celebrate and many other believe in the revolution is not over yet.
For those who went out celebrating the revolution anniversary, removing Mubarak from power and putting him in court together with his assistance together with having an elected parliament is good accomplish.
For those who went to call for a 2nd revolt they have their reasons as well.
1-    Mubarak not received any penalties yet.
2-    Neither the ex police chief nor his assistance and officers received any penalties for killing hundreds of innocent people in the streets during the revolution.
3-    The Military council using the same policies used by  Mubarak regime against his opposition, including using the extreme force, arresting activists and judging them by military laws.

I  have a mixed feeling. I do like to celebrate a new year without Mubarak, but on the other hand not satisfied with what was accomplished so far.

I don't think protest might be a good solution now. We elected parliament members to speak on our behalf. We need to give them a chance to prove, they can do what the military council failed to do or didn't wanted to do.

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