Sunday, 18 December 2011

The protests take a dangerous turn in Tahrir?

Its very sad when you see people torching their own probity. Unfortunately that what happened in the last few days by the people assembly near Tahrir.
I rushed to the site after hearing the news about the protest taking a violent turn, to understand the reality about the story and help others to know the truth as well.

I was very disappointed when I've seen angry protesters torturing buildings around the people assembly. I walked to them trying to convince them to stop it, since it's our own properties when I was threaten by 2 person carrying knifes to go back and leave them alone.
Then I decided to do interview with eyewitness, where there when the riots started.
The most common story is the violence started from the Army troops when they kidnapped a young protestors girls and women among then, torturing them inside the people assembly building before kicking them out to the street. When that was seen, people bet so angry and started attacking the building and the surrounding buildings as well, which still happening until now. As a result 500 injuries and 10 death with an evidence of using fire weapons and gun fire heard by me coming from the military and the people assembly guards side. Video recording showing military solders in their uniform involved in targeting and attacking the angry protestors.
On the other hand, the Egyptian public media never speak about the use of the extreme force from the military side, they only talk about take about the among the protestors, they where angry youth how challenged the security guards of the people assembly and the pri minister office by targeting the security cameras using rocks and climbing the fence, which most probably true, but showing only one side of the story.
The military council official respond denied the use of the extreme force against people, which happened for sure. I was expecting from the new pri minister to ask the army to explain the reason of them using force against protestors, but never happened as if it doesn't exist and all these videos and eye witnesses are faked.
The reason why the Egyptian revolution worked because it was peaceful against violence. Now, the angry irresponsible behavior of some teenagers ruining the revolution good reputation, which might the work of the secret police used to work under Mubarak regime as a desperate attempt to save their leader by keeping the military council in charge as long as possible.
I don't trust in the military council any more and looking forward for a quick transaction.

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