Friday, 8 July 2011

Another Good Friday in Tahrir Square. July - 8 - 2011- Cairo – Revolution continue

I was in Alexandria in the last 2 weeks. Today in the early morning drove my car for about 3 hours hidding to Cairo to join the protests in Tahrir square.
Why demonstrating again?  For the following reasons
1-     Since Mubarak, his family, and many corrupted members of his government  accused for different crimes including corruptions and causing hundred of death among peaceful demonstrations started in Jan 25 but no judgments taken at all, deliberately slowing the trial process, and the worst is some of them have been released for being innocent!
2-    Many members from The National party (Mubarak party) are very active to pull down the revolution for their own interest.
3-     The new government still keeping few ministers were active as a leader in the former regime.
4-    The police reactions when facing the demonstrations in Jun 28 – 29 was so cruel and there was extreme use of force causing hundreds of injuries among the demonstrators.

As soon I arrived I couldn’t drive into the square (I was expecting that), since there were many people in the square already around noon time.
After parking my car and made my way to the square, I was impressed with the organization. Nobody can get into the square without his ID being checked and searched for anything might make harm to others.
I took a walk around the square, till found a good spot to perform the mass, since almost every Muslim in the square join the sermon and main pray in Friday. There were women standing alongside with man and in front of them when praying, which was a very debating subjects among the Muslim schools before the revolution, but I think now these issues coming as a second important after the great event of the revolution, which is a big change.
The Imam (priest) speech was a political speech, which would never happen or happen during the old regime.
I took my camera out and walked around the square again looking for good shoots and making interviews with people in the square (sorry all the interviews in Arabic). This time the walk around the square was so difficult since the square was already fully occupied.
I found some interesting people to interview; one of them was in the square for 3 days now and made a necklace of tear gas bombs.
Another interview with 2 persons debating our demands. The interesting thing is a foreign journalist picked the conversation assuming it will turn into a fight, not realizing that this is the Egyptian emotional way of taking.
What I liked best, is the Muslim brotherhood joined very late the demonstration and not involved in any of the organizations and logistics and everything was very fine, even when they decided not to stay the night and withdrew from the square at 6pm, you don’t feel any significant decrease in the number of people demonstrating. This proves that the Muslim Brotherhood are not popular as we think. With all my respect to the Muslim Brotherhood, I disagree with some of their philosophy, but believe they want the best for this country as I do.
It was a hot long day (over 40 C) and a very few shade in the square but everybody was determined to stay.
Its midnight now, I made it back home and writing to you, while many thousands still in the square planning to sleep the night there and every night until we achieve our goals.

Samir Abbass.

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