Monday, 20 June 2011

New and amazing tombs in Saqqara now opend

Saqqara is known for the famous step pyramid, the oldest and prototype of pyramids building in ancient Egypt.

Apart from the pyramid, there's a countless no of tombs in Saqqara from various ancient Egyptian periods, some of them considered among the most important of Nobels tombs in all Egypt.

Nearly a month ago, 6 tombs in south Saqqara opened for public. 
The most famous of which is  Horemoheb.

Horemoheb lived at the end of the18th dynasty nearly 3400 years ago. He consedered a transaction between the 18 and 19 dynasty. He was a Hi official under the rule of Akenaton,when he started his tomb in Saqqara. He was an the army commander during the Rule of Tut Ankh Amon and Ay. Soon after he declared himself the king of Egypt he starts another tomb in the Kings valley in west Thebes.

This tomb is of a great important for its unique art known as Amarna art, a kind of art associated with the controversial king Akenaton and his period.

Many scenes repreasent foreign captives brought by Horemoheb in the presence of the Pharouh, we assume, he is the king Akhenaton and his wife queen  Nefertiti.

For those how are not lucky enough to visit the ruin of Amarna in middle Egypt, stooping at this tomb while visiting Cairo would be essential for its unique art.

Its also consider a great history document for Egypt foreign affairs during Amarna period.

You have to buy an extra ticket of 30 Egyptian pounds from the ticket office near Imhotep museum.

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  1. Yet another reason why we need come back to Egypt! How very fascinating this newly opened tomb is.