Thursday, 10 November 2016

Why Egyptians planning to protest in Nov 11- 2016? ....................................... What make it different from Jan 2015 revolution?

The main idea of this post is to explain the reasons behind Egyptians planning for another protest on November 11, 2016 and the differences between November 2016 and the revolution of January 2011.

Since the Military Coup led by the army general Sisi in June 2013, and Egypt going from bad to worse:
Elected president (Moursy): Arrested and thrown in jail, facing silly and unjust trials since then.
Freedom of speech: Anybody who protested or spoke against the government was arrested, disappeared, thrown in jail, killed in the streets, or if they were lucky they managed to operate under the government radar.
Democracy: Faked unreal elections at all levels. Presidential elections with no real candidate except one to run against general Sisi (Sabahi),who refused in the beginning to participate, shortly after his daughter was arrested to put pressure on him, and released shortly after. No voters showed on that day, even with all media begging them and Judges threatening voter with big penalties if they didn’t vote.
Election result was 97% in favor of Sisi. There are dummy parliament members, their duty is to approve any new rules and regulations made by the government. 

Media: All newspapers and channels not biased towards the government, have been shut down or confiscated, and any reporter or journalist who spoke against the president or his policies was fired or kicked out of the country.
Economy: Egyptian poun value compared to US$ and other foreign currencies lost almost 50% of its value in less than 2 years. No foreign currencies are available to buy essential and imported products, such as food and medicine, this has caused the highest inflation rate in Egyptian history and it has become almost impossible for the majority of the Egyptian people to support their basic life needs. It’s even getting worst, especially after recent decisions to increase the fuel prices, taxes, electricity and water bills.
Administration system: The only qualification needed to be a Prime Minister, Minister or even High Official, is to be loyal to Sisi and his gang of generals. Any other qualifications are not needed at all. Guess what will be the results...Corrupted, idiot,unqualified leaders, leading Egypt into a dark tunnel.
Judicial system: The most corrupt in Egyptian modern history. They appointed the most corrupt judges to take care of the most sensitive cases. Those judges never hesitated to punish political activists including the previous president with death as penalty, even if they were over 500 accused of killing a police officer by accident. This really happened.
Hate and racism: The current regime created hatred between people of different back grounds, Muslims against Christians, Army and Police against individuals, secular against religious, anti-coup against military coup supporters, etc, adopting a divide to conquer strategy.

Comparison between Jan 2011 revolution and Nov 2016 protest or any other protest that might happen in the future.

Jan – 2011
Nov – 2016
Main goal
Getting rid of corrup government, which escalated to the demand for the removal of President (Mubarak)
The removal of the president Sisi and his gang.
Army situation
Was acting as if they are neutral.
Army is biased towards the president, with a few generals against him but they have no power.
Loyal to the president
Loyal to the president
No public leaders to help the protesters to be more organized and have a general vision, except the Muslim Brotherhood foundation.
Between 2011 and 2013 freedom of speech paved the way for public leaders to introduce themselves and these leaders are now ready to lead the people in the street and unite them around one goal and steer them to the right path.
Hardly any violence from the protesters side.
Possible violence against police, army, media figures and corrupted judges as  self-defense and revenge. Hope it will  minimal.
Most of the media were in support of Mubarak, few were neutral or in support of the revolution.
Almost all the media available through satellite channels in Egypt are biased in favor of the president Sisi and his government, but most of the people have figured out their lies already.
Protest Plan
Gathering in main squares.
Protesting in the side streets and avoiding main squares to protect themselves from police and army forces, until protesters crush the police/army resistance.

Conclusion: There’s more potentials in the Nov 11 – 2016 protest to make a better change in Egypt’s political system, if the protesters numbers in the streets are big enough, peaceful and innovative, and if on the other hand, police and army officers and soldiers refuse to obey their commanders, only when that happens can Nov 11 bring a definite and lasting positive change to Egypt’s future. For most of the Egyptians, the evil bias of the police, army, judges, media, and high officials has become very obvious and it would be so difficult for them to manipulate Egyptians again.

What might happen if the protest is crushed by police and army: Egypt’s government losing more of its international credibility, foreign investments decreasing or completely disappear, decreases in tourism, local business men will move their investments outside the country, more dept, less foreign currency available and all the previous will lead to more economic crisis and more anger among the public, and subsequently waves of protests until hopefully the people get rid of this ugly regime, and hopefully the next transition period will be led by Egyptian National leaders, honest and hard workers who can lead and inspire the process of restoring our beautiful country, establishing a better life for all Egyptians and for Egypt as a country gaining the international recognition it deserves.

Read my blog post in Aug 2013 shortly after the military coup, predicting what is happening in Egypt now:


Sunday, 1 May 2016

Friday – April 29 – Egypt's protest - Eye witness testimonial.

Few days ago, in April 25, Sinai liberation day many anti coup and anti government decided to protest in Egypt’s squares and streets after Egypt’s government decided to handle the Islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia, which many considered a possible spark for a second Egyptian revolution. For more info about what happen in this day read the following post:

I went out in April 25th and all hope that what happen in 2011 might happen again but in a better way. In 2011 the protest started in Jan 25 and being dismissed by using extreme force, but few days after in Fridays 28 was the big day when the protesters took over Tahrir square and many squares in Egypt till Mubarak step down in Feb 11.

Myself I prepared myself in a different way this time.
1-       I left my smart phone behind, so police does not know my bias if they checked my phone as they do now when they force people to show their social media and mail accounts.
2-      I left the Camera behind and used and old phone with a basic camera.
3-      Not carrying anything might make police suspicions in me.
4-      Planned not to go to downtown Cairo as I used to do, since police and army forces are camping already in the main squares waiting for protesters to show to arrest them and closing roads and subway stations to make it difficult for protesters to make it to any square. 

It was difficult to get info online about gathering locations, since the government did their best in the last few years to develop a security system can infiltrate not only to private social media groups and pages but also sensor phone communications and send troops there to occupy any place where a possible gathering might happen.
I went to areas in Giza and Cairo using the subway system where normally small group will gather in a day like that and hoped I will find others, but unfortunately find nothing except police everywhere and others like me looking arounds and hope like I hope.

I went back home this day, disappointed but with intentions to analyze what happen in this day, and here’s the result.

Reasons prevented from a protest happen in Friday – April 29
1-       The police developed a good skills of monitoring social media and phone communications.
2-      Media control, to band any news to cover any protests.
3-      Big number of police and army troops occupying the possible protest locations.
4-      In April 25th, the police arrested a hundreds, among them the leaders who call for protest.
5-       Tens of thousands of other activists arrested since the military coup happen in 2013 and still in jail tell now.

How we can overcome these challenges in the future
1-       Creating a new tool to help anti-government activist to communicate without being censored by the government.
2-      Calling for a fake protests using a fake social media accounts to confuse and exhaust the police forces.
3-      Speaking with close friends, family members and my guest about the consequences of Egypt’s to be run with this regime.
4-      Spreading the news about the government setbacks to create a public awareness against the government especially in the matter of freedom of speech.
5-       Get ready and wait for another spark.

In the near future, I will more tools to secure my accounts, data and clouds, since I’m not quite sure I can still be lucky especially if my words spread more. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

What happen in April 25 – 2016 in Egypt – Eye Witness?

The Reasons: Corrupted president and government came to power with a military coup, not legitimate, has no tolerance for a freedom of speech and caused for more than 40000 Egyptians to disappear in the last 2 years with thousands of peaceful protectors killed and no body found guilty.
The Spark: handling 2 Egyptian Islands in the Red Sea (selling) to Saudi Arabia as a price to fix a collapsed economy. Read my previous post for more info.

Cairo Streets - Downtown.
Huge number of police, almost half of them dressed regular cloths. Streets leading to the famous squares including Tahrir Square being blocked by police including the sub way station to stop protectors from reaching down town.
Exceptions being made for supporters of Sesi regime, to gather in some squares under the protection of the police. Humble numbers, very humble people, paid or influenced to support the regime and Sesi  (their photos attached).  I felt sorry for them, the corrupted regime stole their wealth, brain washed them, taught them nothing except ignorance, killed their dreams, sold their land and now paying them to sell their soul and body as a prostitute doing to make living.
News about a protectors in the same corner in Talat Harb St when I joined the protests for the protest for the 1st time in Jan 26 – 2011. Smell of tear gas irritates my eyes when I walk close to this point. The interesting thing is I felt so happy the more I smiled the tear gas, since this reminds me with the good old days when we stood against Mubarak and his regime. Seems to be I get addicted to the smell J
Get disappointed when I made it to the spot, police everywhere, seems to me I was late. The big surprise was, the protesters against the corrupted regime has been replaced by supporter for Sesi.
Spend about 5 hours in the streets and decided to go back home since the only gathering (few) are for those who support Sesi  as if they are happy for him selling the Islands.
Following the news when I made it back home, there’s many protest against the government happen but not in downtown, in many other squares in Cairo, and other Egyptian cites.
Next time, I should be more smart and not to go to the places where police except protesters.

Planning to join the protest this Friday. I know its danger, but I can’t tolerate growing up in my country and only complaining about how bad the government is, without being positive and protest to change the situation and help Egypt’s get to positions it deserves.
My main influence, a  the word of my great teacher and philosopher. Those who struggle to improve their and the other people life and stand in support of the freedom of speech, should have no worries if they died in the process, because they will enjoy peace in the heaven.

Don’t worry, I always do my best to protect myself and stay alive, but this should not stop me from doing the right thing. If I sold my dream for safety and security, nothing will get better in this world.

More photos in the following link:

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Brussle and other similar attacks from a Muslim protective lives in the Middle East. Reasons and solutions.

Brussle attack is against humanity not against western civilization and not justified in Islam.

1-      Dictatorships in Arab/Muslims regimes, tailoring religious teaching and curriculums in schools, mosques and media to serve only their interests, shifting the Muslims attentions away from many of the great qualities in Islam especially those which encourages freedom of speech and democracy, by doing that they created a huge gab in religious  teaching to be filled by extremer’s.
2-      Double standards and neglect  in dealing with Middle Eastern serious political problems by the international community,  the most important among these problems is Palestinian Israeli problem, including building illegal settlements, walls, sieges, attaching civilians, destroying Palestinians infrastructures, confiscating territories, and تصعيب  entering Jerusalem for Muslims.
3-      Terrible economic situation. The Arab/Islamic territories divided between extremely rich countries based on Oil wealth and countries with high level of poverty.
4-      Education. The Arab/Muslim countries contribution to the world knowledge now is almost nothing which reflects the terrible education system, based on memorizations not questioning and researching, and that creates sets of minds can be easily convinced with wrong ideas.
5-      Media in the Muslims/Arab territories, made by government or established by foundations loyal to the government aimed to distract the people attentions from the main problems and get them busy with minor issues. 
6-      Religious intolerance in some of the western countries against Muslims, which creates hate and anger within the Muslims communities living in western societies which encourages radicalizations.
7-      Western allies interfering in Middle East policies with wrong intentions  to create instability serving their political, economic and religious  interests using terms such as war on terror and promoting for democracy, instead they created conflicts, instability and wars considers a perfect media for radical ideas to grow and radical militant to train.
8-      The downfall of the Arab Spring, especially in Egypt, led to army generals came back into power with zero tolerance for democracy and freedom of speech and unfortunately that happen with the support of Oil regimes in the middle east which not surprising me, but what surprised me most, is the support giving by western countries famous for their democratic values and had no problems to support a bloody military coup in Egypt politically and financially, as long as this new regime will serve their interests in the Middle East. For more info about this topic, read my previous blog titiled
USA Parliament debating whether to change or keep their democratic values !!!! Based on Egypt's crises.

9-      The instability in Iraq, the civil war in Syria which creates a terrorists controlled by radicals.
10-   Arms dealers. Hardly any weapons are manufactured in the middle east and it seems that its not a difficult for dictatorships and radicals in the middle east to get what they want, easy and on a good price to use it for fighting each other’s.

1-      International community and united nation free of bias.
2-      The industrial western countries, back off supporting dictatorships in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia and the military coup in Egypt, and gradually these regimes will be replaced by others who can promote for democracy.
3-      Enforcing Israel to respect and apply all the UN rules and decisions regarding the Palestinians Israelis territories.
4-      Encouraging an introducing a true Muslims scholars who can introduce the true Islamic believe which promote for peace, freedom of speech, democracy, equality, coexistence , and bridging the gaps between people of different backgrounds. Other words, use a peaceful ideas to fight against an evil ones, guns never put an end for ideas.
5-      Naming terrorists with their names and not using the word Islam as a religion promoting for violence and intolerance, which makes people who knows about Islam only from these terrorists attacks bios against Muslims in general even if they are their own nabers and creates a needs for supporting wrong political decisions or choosing bios leader creates more problems rather than working on solving it.

Highly appreciate your constructive comments and discussions 

Tiran and Sanafir Islands dispute

Dear Saudi friend.  
I hope all Arab get united as they used to be and not fight on the ownership of 2 Islands. In this case we have no reason to fight for, because at the end it’s all our lands.
Let me 1st explains why I think this way. History proofs, Arab – Middle East countries were strong and significant only when they were united. Then our lands has been divided into territories by foreign power, with perfect straight lines does not make any sense. These perfect straight lines separated between people of the same trips and even the same families, such as Nubians in Egypt and Sudan, Bedouin families in Egypt’s western Desert and Libya, families in Sinai and Palatines.
Following that we had dictators ruling our countries. Their main focus is to keep their positions, have more power and more rich. They stole people freedom of speech and declared the countries resources as their inheritance to keep among their families and tribes and give their people the left over and make sure nobody will speak against that. They corrupted educations, because its easier for them to control an ignorant mind does not know how to dream. They corrupted media to spread their false ideas. They corrupted politics to stay in power. The worst is, they corrupted religion, so it can serve their greed for power and money.
 What matter me, is not the islands but the relationship between each other.

Now, let me explains why there’s a great anger in Egypt because of the Islands situation:
-          HISTORY. From a historical point of view most of the educated Egyptians believe in the Egyptians historical rights in the Islands. download the PDF withdetails historical info 

-          Egyptian solders fought many battles to defend these islands. In 1965 against the British, French and Israeli invasions. In 1967 and in 1973 to liberate Sinai and these Islands. The strong argument rose by most of the Egyptians, what was the rule of the Saudi government, army and solders to keep their land if they believed in it’s a Saudi land, why they did not stand to defend and liberate them. A friend of mine yesterday told me, if the Saudi government can bring back my father and uncle back to life who sacrificed their life to defend and liberate these Islands from Israel, the Saudi can take it back.

-          The Saudi King Salman, mentioned in an interview with New York time, the Island were given, as gratitude from the Egyptian president for Saudi economical ids. By the way, till Oil found in Saudi, Saudis expected aids from Egypt, which is not a bad thing since we have to stand to support each other, otherwise, Egypt should ask for their historical rites in Saudi Lands for supporting the Saudis people for centuries.  Read the article in the following link:

-          The decisions of handling the Islands over to Saudi was given by the Egyptian president alone, he did not even consult with the people assembly, when his decision caused a strong argument, he said will discuss it in the people assembly, shortly after that, the Saudi government promised the people assembly with gifts for each member of the parliament, ministers and press, these gifts including money (bribes). Download the PDF with the documents scans proofing that here. 

-          Myself as a travel operator and own a travel company in Egypt, we used to promote and operate tours from Sharm to Tiran and Sanafir Islands for decades.

Handling these Islands creates more problem and widening the gap between Saudis and Egyptian, in a time we need to stay together to fight serious challenges in the Middle East. I’m sorry to say that, I don’t trust in the Middle East leaders that they have the right intentions or the talents to realize what we are facing and how we can come together, otherwise they will not make such mistake in this crucial time.

Highly appreciate and welcome constructive comments.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Comparison between 2012 and 2014 presidential election in Egypt

CBS news report about Egypt presidential elections

25 million Egyptians participated out of 53 million Egyptians who had the right to voting (about 47%)
6 million participated (about 11.3%)
In 2012 I used to stand in a queue for more than 100 meters and wait for about 4 hours to get to my turn to vote, but in 2014 there’s hardly anybody going.
A huge percentage of the voters were young people
Hardly any young people
Most of Egypt’s youth now get their feeds from the internet and social media, unlike the old generation who still depend on magazines and TV channels which are very much controlled by the government and which persuade people to believe the government conspiracy theory against the elected president.
Public media and most of the private media gave great support to the military candidate.
Public and private media gave great support for the military candidate. All media public and private gave tremendous support to Sisi as the military candidate and the leader of the military coup, since any unbiased, neutral media have been shut off by the military shortly after the coup.
Not much encouragements for people to participate.
Media and government made a tremendous effort to get people out to vote, including extending the duration of voting by adding an extra day, giving a day off work, arranging for  free transportation and threatening any Egyptian who boycotted the election with a  fine of EGP 500 pound.
Big crowds of people celebrated Mursi as the new president.
Much smaller crowds celebrated Sisi as the new president.
Most of the media gave accurate statistics about the elections.
Most of the media and all the public media gave false statistics about the elections.  Public media went so far as to announce that the number of Egyptians that participated in the elections was 24 million, instead of 6 million.
Public media went so far when they announced that the number of Egyptians participated in the elections were 24 million, instead of 6 millions
10 candidates competed in the elections
Only 2 candidates competed in the elections
In 2014, most of Egypt’s independent politicians, announced that they are not going to participate since, there’s no guarantee that elections process would be fare without sheeting and influences.

Myself:  I choose to boycott the elections for the following reasons:
*  Participating in the elections means that I acknowledge the military coup and should accept its result.
*  I don’t trust the government, judges and army in running the elections.
* There were tremendous media influences in the favor of Sisi to get people to vote for him, which not fair.

Conclusion: This election gave me more hope for Egypt’s future, since it proved that mainstream Egyptians are not satisfied with what happened in Egypt since the military coup, and definitely youth and those who have a positive vision for Egypt’s future as a free democratic country will manage to stand again against the REGIME.
My concern: Is the next move towards freedom and democracy might experience violence from the protestors’ side. That is because there is lots of anger against the police and army from some of the protestors, due to the number of protestors being killed, arrested or tortured by the military coup.